Absinthe Journal (LP) 17cm


From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker. Featuring her ‘Absinthe’ artwork. High-Quality paper. A5 Journal.

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From the enchanting imagination of world-renowned artist Lisa Parker comes this Absinthe Journal, perfect for keeping all your secrets safe. Sat on an ornate dressing table, a black familiar sits with a red collar around its neck, adorned with a small silver triquetra. Beside the cat sits a small Pontarlier glass, half-filled with the infamous Green liquid. A small Absinthe spoon sits atop the glass with a cube of sugar, waiting to be immersed in the liquid. The black cat is perfectly still, mesmerised by the green fairy that floats from the glass. Inside the journal, high-quality plain paper gives you the freedom to record your magic and dreams unimpeded.

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