Absinthe – La Fee Verte Embossed Purse 18.5cm


Beautifully designed Absinthe purse. Featuring a large winged Deaths Head Moth. Stylish and practical. Multiple slots for cards and coins.

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From the untamed imagination of Nemesis Now’s in-house design team, this embossed purse was created by Nemesis Now. Based on the green Fairy of legend, the spirit of absinthe is embodied in this intricately designed purse. Emblazoned on the front is ‘Absinthe, la fée verte’ when translated states ‘Absinthe, the green Fairy’ synonymous with Parisian and Bohemian culture. Beneath the Sigil is the skull of the emerald coloured Fairy spirit which forms the purses securing flap. The beautiful embossed detailing enhances the magic and creates a striking 3D effect while the large compartments make it a wonderfully practical piece.

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