Edgar’s Raven Goblet 18cm


Intricate Raven skull designs. Cast in the finest resin. Lovingly hand-painted. Features a removable stainless steel insert for ease of cleaning.

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And the raven quote, nevermore.’From the macabre minds of Nemesis Now’s in-house design team, this romantically Gothic goblet is a must have for any fan of the macabre. The cup is covered in intricate baroque patterns, twisting in alternate directions, framing a quartet of fleshless Raven Skulls. Each cranium curves around the cup of the goblet and sits on a royal purple base. Engraved on each are the words ‘Quoth the Raven Nevermore’, referencing the works of Gothic genius, Edgar Allen Poe. The long stem is formed from a large ornate silver key, accented with a small skull. The skull is mirrored on the base which features a Deaths Head Moth raised from similar baroque designs that can be seen on the cup. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted, this Gothic goblet has a removable stainless steel insert for ease of cleaning. Celebrate Poe’s twisted mind today!

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